Designed specifically for UK temporary recruitment businesses and seamlessly integrated, our cloud-based recruitment software and payroll systems save time, money and stress.

WorkFlo has two parts, Software and Payroll.

You can choose to use either or both, but as with most things in recruitment software and administration, the magic really happens when you go WorkFlo all in.

WorkFlo: Recruitment Software

A complete recruitment software management platform for temporary recruitment agencies

From managing bookings and processing timesheets to training and support, we know that all the details in your business matter. Which is why WORKFLO allows you to sweat the small stuff, without actually sweating the small stuff.
In fact, it’s so simple and intuitive to use, it’ll streamline your business’s workflow from start to finish.

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WorkFlo: Recruitment Payroll

A flexible outsourced payroll service for temporary recruitment agencies

A good recruitment agency payroll system needs to be accurate and reliable. But to be really efficient, it also needs to be fast.
WorkFlo:Payroll is the perfect outsourced option, syncing beautifully not just with your business, but all other aspects of our offering.

Free up your time.

WorkFlo will automate most of your standard processes, so you can concentrate on what really matters in your business.

Useability and accessibility.

There’s nothing worse than new systems that hit snags or take ages to get your head around. Ours is swift, integrated and issue free.

For advice and support.

Our team is always on hand. More than that, we can be flexible to your business needs and workflow.

Reduce costs.

Because of the automation, and because our cloud-based system stores all of your data in one place, you save all that money you’d otherwise spend on manual administration.

Recruitment Software Key Features.


Client portal facility

Unique to Flo, our portal gives you somewhere to see all of your data and processes, as well as giving you the ability to offer visibility of bookings, timesheets, candidate compliance, and AWR status to an unlimited number of clients. This will help with both new business generation and client retention.


Candidate database

Effective workforce management through the storage of all candidate information including jobs and skills, availability and signed contracts.

Compliance & RTW checks

Store and track compliance and Right to Work documentation for each candidate, including expiry dates and multiple check dates.

Two-way candidate SMS

Communicate job details with your candidates using our two-way SMS service, managing the candidates responses via email.

Holiday Pay

With easy submission and editing of holiday requests, weekly updates of candidates’ balances, and various reporting options, the Holiday Pay functionality is designed to cut down your admin and simplify this vital process.

Candidate portal


Candidate bookings

Manage your bookings for the entire week using the Temp Plan system, providing complete visibility across your branch network.

Eligibility checks

Set predefined criteria for each job category, ensuring only suitable candidates with valid compliance documents are identified for selection.

Electronic timesheets

Enter hours on to Flo’s electronic timesheet system and benefit from automatic cost calculations using predefined rate rules.


AWR tracking

Automatically track your candidates’ AWR status, including managing break periods to ensure complete legislative compliance.

Downloadable reports

Download reports containing useful MI to more effectively manage your business, enabling you to analyse trends and make informed decisions.


Payroll exports

Our software’s weekly consolidation process automatically produces a payroll report which can be exported straight to the payroll provider.

Automated invoicing

Flo’s PDF invoices are automatically generated each week and can be downloaded and sent directly to your clients.

Why choose WORKFLO: Payroll?

Make the complex, simple, and the laborious, quick.

Central to our system’s value is the smooth integration with our software, but it’s also the speed at which otherwise time-consuming tasks can be completed.

Transparency and clarity.

Ensure all parties are aware of the assignment, the rates, and the expectations of both clients and workers.

Set up is easy and pain free.

Such is our confidence in our system, we can promise you that.

Accuracy and efficiency.

All worked hours can be promptly and accurately confirmed, and accurate data can then be fed into both payroll and invoicing processes.

What payroll services can WorkFlo support?

A wide range, including:

Running an integrated payroll Bureau service on your behalf.

Recruitment agency umbrella payroll.

Managing contracts, compliance and payments to:

  • CIS
  • Self Employed
  • Limited Company Contractors

Outsourced contingent workforce solutions, including:

  • PAYE plus, our P.E.O. service
  • Advantage, our Neutral Vendor compliance management solution
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What sort of business is WorkFlo for?

Our system is ideal for budding start-up recruitment agencies looking to get the ball rolling, large companies looking to facilitate growth, and anywhere in-between.

We’re also able to work in multiple sectors, but with a particular expertise in: