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Designed specifically for UK temporary recruitment businesses and seamlessly integrated, our cloud-based recruitment software and payroll systems save time, money and stress.

WorkFlo can support agencies from new recruitment agency start-ups to fully established businesses, providing a cost-effective alternative to other competitors.

WorkFlo has two parts, Software and Payroll.

You can choose to use either or both, but as with most things in recruitment software and administration, the magic really happens when you go WorkFlo all in.

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WorkFlo: Recruitment Software

A complete recruitment software management platform for temporary recruitment agencies

From managing bookings and processing timesheets to training and support, we know that all the details in your business matter. Which is why WORKFLO allows you to sweat the small stuff, without actually sweating the small stuff.

In fact, it’s so simple and intuitive to use, it’ll streamline your business’s workflow from start to finish. Boost your productivity, efficiency and speed-up recruiting.

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WorkFlo: Recruitment Payroll

A flexible outsourced payroll service for temporary recruitment agencies

A good recruitment agency payroll system needs to be accurate and reliable. But to be really efficient, it also needs to be fast.
WorkFlo:Payroll is the perfect outsourced option, syncing beautifully not just with your business, but all other aspects of our offering.

Free up your time.

WorkFlo will automate and standardise many of your key processes, removing repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on what really matters in your agency, and driving your business forward.

Useability and accessibility.

The hiring process can often feel overwhelming, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to learn a complex new system. Our recruitment platform, on the other hand, is designed to be user-friendly and seamlessly integrated with our other products as needed. Additionally, we have implemented a practical onboarding approach to ensure a smooth transition to join us.

For advice and support.

Our dedicated team is available to provide help and support and what's more, we are adaptable to meet the specific needs of your agency.

To improve your service.

By utilising recruitment software, you can provide a seamless and user-friendly experience to candidates and clients. From easy application processes to personalised communication, ensuring that those you deal with have the most positive impression of your organisation.

Reduce costs.

Because of the automation, and because our cloud-based system stores all of your data in one place, you save all that time and money you’d otherwise spend on manual administration.

Collaboration and Communication.

Allow for easy sharing of information and reports, ensuring everyone involved in the hiring process is always on the same page.

Compliance and Security.

In today's data-driven world, maintaining compliance and ensuring data security is crucial. Our software provides features like GDPR compliance and secure data storage, protecting sensitive candidate information and ensuring your hiring process meets legal requirements.

Recruitment Software Key Features.


Client portal facility

Unique to Flo, our portal gives you somewhere to see all of your data and processes, as well as giving you the ability to offer visibility of bookings, timesheets, candidate compliance, and AWR status to an unlimited number of clients. This will help with both new business generation and client retention.


Candidate database

Effective workforce management through the storage of all candidate information including jobs and skills, availability and signed contracts.

Compliance & RTW checks

Store and track compliance and Right to Work documentation for each candidate, including expiry dates and multiple check dates.

Two-way candidate SMS

Communicate job details with your candidates using our two-way SMS service, managing the candidates responses via email.

Holiday Pay

With easy submission and editing of holiday requests, weekly updates of candidates’ balances, and various reporting options, the Holiday Pay functionality is designed to cut down your admin and simplify this vital process.

Candidate portal

Take the hard work out of candidate registration with the easy-to-use Candidate Portal, a remote candidate registration platform that delivers a huge reduction in admin time!



Candidate bookings

Manage your bookings for the entire week using the Temp Plan system, providing complete visibility across your branch network.

Eligibility checks

Set predefined criteria for each job category, ensuring only suitable candidates with valid compliance documents are identified for selection.

Electronic timesheets

Enter hours on to Flo’s electronic timesheet system and benefit from automatic cost calculations using predefined rate rules.


AWR tracking

Automatically track your candidates’ AWR status, including managing break periods to ensure complete legislative compliance.

Downloadable reports

Download reports containing useful MI to more effectively manage your business, enabling you to analyse trends and make informed decisions.


Payroll exports

Our software’s weekly consolidation process automatically produces a payroll report which can be exported straight to the payroll provider.

Automated invoicing

Flo’s PDF invoices are automatically generated each week and can be downloaded and sent directly to your clients.

Why choose WORKFLO: Payroll?

Make the complex, simple, and the laborious, quick.

Central to our system’s value is the smooth integration with our software, but it’s also the speed at which otherwise time-consuming tasks can be completed.

Transparency and clarity.

Ensure all parties are aware of the assignment, the rates, and the expectations of both clients and workers.

Set up is easy and pain free.

Such is our confidence in our system, we can promise you that.

Accuracy and efficiency.

All worked hours can be promptly and accurately confirmed, and accurate data can then be fed into both payroll and invoicing processes.

What payroll services can WorkFlo support?

A wide range, including:

Running an integrated payroll Bureau service on your behalf.

Recruitment agency umbrella payroll.

Managing contracts, compliance and payments to:

  • CIS
  • Self Employed
  • Limited Company Contractors

Outsourced contingent workforce solutions, including:

  • PAYE plus, our P.E.O. service
  • Advantage, our Neutral Vendor compliance management solution
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What sort of business is WorkFlo for?

Our system is ideal for budding start-up recruitment agencies looking to get the ball rolling, large companies looking to facilitate growth, and anywhere in-between.

We’re also able to work in multiple sectors, but with a particular expertise in:


Here are the answers to the questions we receive most often.

Software that automates and streamlines he recruitment process, improving productivity and efficiency of day-to-day tasks.

Recruiters use various front to back office software to effectively attract, retain, manage, and pay their temporary workers and clients. Additionally, they can streamline their temporary desk operation by utilising an industry specific recruitment CRM that allows for job scheduling and multi-filling

Firstly assess your existing recruitment process and identify pain points or areas you consider as a priority to improve and simplify. You can then ensure you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific software needs.

Consider options that allow for scaliability and flexibility, for longer term plans. Look for a user friendly option that is easy to navigate, allowing ease of onboarding and use.

While it’s essential to find a recruitment software solution that meets your needs, it is essential it fits within your budget also, research is key.

It is a software solution built specifically for temporary recruitment agencies. WorkFlo Software helps agencies work faster and more effectively by providing all the tools required to take care of bookings, timesheets, compliance and much more. It is available 24-7 from any internet-enabled device.

Yes, WorkFlo Software can support recruitment agencies of all sizes and offers a cost-effective alternative to other software competitors. The system offers a number of features that any agency (whether small or large) can benefit from, this includes: candidate database management, electronic timesheet processing, automated invoicing and client portal access. You can add as many users (both agency and client accounts) as necessary and the system can continue to grow with your business.

Yes, you can import data in. Our experienced implementation team will guide you through the migration process and provide all the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition.

No. WorkFlo’s cloud-based software is available to access on multiple web browsers, which means you don’t have to download or install anything.

There is no limit to the number of users able to access the system at any one time, inclduing both agency and client users.

All of your data is 100% secure and is stored in the UK. WorkFlo has enterprise level server security.

WorkFlo’s experienced client training will guide you through the implementation process to ensure the transition to Flo is seamless and that you gain the maximum benefit from the system.

Ongoing training and webinars are also available after the initial set-up and when new features are introduced.

With WorkFlo Software, you can store and track all candidate compliance documents, including driving licences, CPC, DBS checks, CSCS cards etc. Set expiry dates and regular check dates on documents to ensure you are aware of any potential or pending gaps in your compliance. Using Flo’s compliance tracking system, you can match compliance requirements to a job to ensure that any candidate placed onto a booking has all the relevant documentation.

The system automates many of the time-consuming processes involved in running a temporary agency. Taking away the manual processing of payroll, generating of invoices or tracking information for AWR will allow you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

If you’re thinking of starting a temporary recruitment business, WorkFlo Software is an affordable alternative to using spreadsheets which can be extremely time intensive to maintain and prone to errors. The automated invoicing system and AWR tracker will save you time and take some of the stress away in those first few months of running a new business so you can focus on other things. The system can also grow with the needs of your agency, meaning that there is no need to upgrade or switch systems in the future.

For a no obligation chat about pricing, fill in our contact form and a member of our business development team will contact you directly to discuss the most suitable package. Alternatively, please call us on 01827 438 065.

Yes. WorkFlo Software can be accessed 24-7 from any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets.

It is when an agency hires an external company to complete payroll processes, on behalf of the agency

You can firstly decrease the requirement for in-house payroll trained staff and resources, while also reducing payroll errors. This will result in significant cost savings by improving efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, it will free up valuable time to be allocated towards other agency tasks that yield greater benefits.