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Hospitality Recruitment Software

Hospitality recruitment is a high-volume business that requires agencies to quickly identify and match experienced candidates to client job requirements.

Flo’s temporary recruitment software for hospitality enables you to manage your workforce by providing complete visibility of the week’s bookings.

High Volume

The Flo System makes it easy to manage high volumes of candidates by performing time-consuming processes in bulk.

Using Flo, you can manage multiple bookings/vacancies, send bulk SMS messages out to your candidate database and upload hours straight onto the timesheets from csv files.

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AWR Tracking

Flo automatically tracks your candidates for the AWR, ensuring you always remain compliant and avoid heavy fines.

Keep up to date with each candidate’s AWR clock at any time, and use the traffic light warning system to determine actionable requirements. Set automatic resolutions per client to ensure the correct pay rates are picked up once a candidate reaches the end of their 12 week qualifying period.

Automated Invoicing

The payroll and invoicing aspect of hospitality recruitment can be extremely labour intensive and prone to errors.

The payroll file and invoices are automatically produced from the timesheets, using calculations based on predefined hourly/daily rate rules. Not only does this save you huge amounts of processing time, but significantly reduces errors ensuring that customer invoices are paid on time.

Flo’s hospitality agencies include…

Prime Recruitment