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Article published on: 17/01/22


MDM Recruitment Ltd is a growing temporary recruitment agency with a focus on industrial placements such as Production Operatives, Warehouse Operatives and Cleaners. The company started at the end of the first quarter of 2021 so has only been trading for around 6 months.


Setting up a company during a pandemic that has impacted people and businesses all around the world was an incredibly brave and challenging thing for the owner, Maria, to embark on. Yet, she approached it with a passion and enthusiasm that is clearly apparent when you talk to her.

Maria recognised that her own experience in temporary recruitment was limited and that she would need help. That help would need to include software and support to run her business on a day-to-day basis. Rather than settling for using spreadsheets as a short-term tool, Maria decided to look at the marketplace at the outset to identify software that was designed specifically to work for temporary recruitment agencies, but also provide a level of support that ensured she would get the help she needed when she needed it. She chose to use Flo Backoffice Solution’s primary software package.



As MDM was a client relatively new to temporary recruitment, we wanted to ensure that the appropriate support structures were put in place from system set-up and implementation to training and finances.

The key was to bring together the support team within Flo and make sure the communication streams with MDM were open and working effectively. The danger of treating every client the same way is that specific requirements can easily fall through the cracks because they don’t fit the standard template. Paying attention to the details will ultimately reduce issues and save time.

For MDM, extra set-up, training, and support requirements were needed, particularly through an early audit. Audits are challenging and nerve-wracking at the best of times so, for a new agency, the effect is multiplied. As a commitment to MDM, the Flo Team made sure that the right people were there to deliver that support through phone, email, text, and live chat services.

As a result, the audit outcome was positive and actually helped to reaffirm to MDM that the business was healthy and moving in the right direction. Being able to demonstrate easy access to safe and secure candidate information and processes for managing Right to Work, Compliance and bookings through Flo’s modular system contributed to the successful audit.

For MDM, it is in the early days of its journey, but the outlook is very bright and there is already a stable business turnover in place that will provide a great foundation for further business growth. Maria and her team have an exciting and rewarding future ahead of them. The Flo Team will ensure that MDM gets the support it needs in the coming months and years.


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