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Flo, then grow.

Running a temporary recruitment business is never easy.

But we believe that with the right funding, tech and systems in place, it can be a whole lot easier. Even more so when you have the people to support you…your virtual back office team.

We’re here to help you tackle each element of your day-to-day administration and compliance, simply and efficiently.

We offer comprehensive support to alleviate your financial burdens, including up to 100% recruitment funding, recruitment software, payroll processing, customer invoicing, and protection against bad debt. Additionally, we provide you with a recruitment industry-specific software platform to effectively manage your agency.

We then specialise in coordinating it all in the specific context of your business or agency.

The upshot? Less time stressing in the office. More time being excited about your business future.

We understand your business and are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Whether you are at the beginning stages of starting a recruitment agency, exploring growth opportunities for your recruitment business or thinking about switching finance providers to obtain a better service or product, we are here to offer comprehensive support for all your agency needs.

Find Your Flo.

Which of these sounds like you?

I'm a start-up recruitment business looking for funding to help cash flow.

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I’m an SME business owner looking for a better recruitment software and payroll system.

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I'm an established recruitment business looking for a new cash flow and funding solution.

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I'm looking for the whole recruitment kaboodle: full service software, payroll, back office and funding.

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Promises, Promises.

Our services are designed for businesses at all stages of their growth, from fresh recruitment start-ups to established agencies.

Naturally, the service you want from us will depend on the profile of your business and your specific needs.

The section below hopefully provides a handy directory for those needs, but we also wanted to outline some standards; things that you can count on us to deliver, regardless of the offering you choose:

  1. A more streamlined, automated and structured workflow, reducing administration and/or funding burden
  2. Better legislation compliance
  3. A single place in the cloud to transparently view your operations
  4. A single point of contact and support for all of your needs

Oh, and we offer a service guarantee too.

I would highly recommend Flo to any company who needs to install a database that covers everything from a work plan to full payroll download. It is simple to use, easy to access from outside of the office and the help and support is superb. Flo is the solution for simplicity in a database and holding information safely.

Lorraine Webster

Advanced Logistics Recruitment