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Article published on: 8/06/18

With temporary recruitment, it is likely that you will be dealing with a wide range of business and job requirements. From documentation to confirm that your candidate has the right to work in the UK, to role-based compliance items demanded by, for example, the healthcare, construction, driving and industrial recruitment sectors, the need to meet an ever-growing list of demands is undeniable. Compliance is a critical element to manage for agencies and having the right recruitment software in place is key to ensuring that placed candidates meet the compliance requirements for the jobs they are assigned to. 

How does Compliance work in Flo? 

With Flo’s cloud-based recruitment software system, compliance items can be uploaded using the candidate module. Flo accommodates a wide range of file types, including pdf, jpg, gif, png and docx. With daily back-ups taken of the database, candidate document access is managed easily and effectively should recovery be required. Recruiters can add various types of compliance items to candidate profiles, helping to facilitate placement of a candidate more easily and reassuring the client that the compliance requirements for a job are being met. 

With the compliance functionality being an integral part of Flo’s search capability, it makes it easier for recruitment agencies to search for candidates that match the specific requirements of the job, whilst expiry dates and automated reminders can be set to ensure continued compliance. 

Why is Flo’s WorkFlo: Software different? 

We are constantly battling time demands with the need to ensure things are done properly, and this is never more relevant than with compliant candidate placement. Defining relevant compliance items on a client’s job category ensures that candidates can only be placed if they match those requirements. 

With options to add expiry, next check and re-check dates to compliance items and the means to date and person stamp each document, Flo provides a high degree of flexibility in this area. Furthermore, Next Check dates trigger automatic notifications to the task bar so that all agency users can see the update required. No more invalid compliance documents!  

Flo also provides 2 options for an agency’s clients to validate candidate compliance: 

  1. A Client Confirmation document can be sent out automatically that confirms that the candidate has the required compliance items and they are all in date 

  2. End clients can be given free access to Flo’s Client Portal which will allow them to view the compliance items for any candidates on site 

This helps to reduce the administration associated with candidate placement and helps to build an open and transparent relationship between the agency and the client. 

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