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Article published on: 13/05/20

How can you maximise your productivity and profits, whilst attracting and engaging with the best individuals? Time flies and how to use yours most effectively is crucial.

Demand for talented candidates within the recruitment world is higher than ever, and competition continues to increase also, so how can you hold onto the best ones and stand out with your recruitment agency?

1. Know how you use your time

Being aware and knowing exactly where your time is going, can help you make informed decisions to regain control.

A to-do list is a great tool for planning, plus really useful for motivation and focus. Plan ahead for the week, prioritising the most important tasks. Morning is proven to be the best time for trickier, more complex tasks as our energy levels tend to be higher.

Try utilising setting a time limit on tasks to increase focus and 'one task at a time' is usually the best method.

2. Build a talent pool

This works almost like a contingency plan, whereby you build a bank of potential future candidates that you continue to engage with regularly, a company newsletter would work well here. These could be good unsuccessful candidates that have just missed out on a job role, or candidates with a good range of transferable skills etc.

Be mindful of the Data Protection Act though and gain permission to retain candidate details, let individuals know they are on your radar and if the right opportunity arises you will be in touch. 

Having a recruitment software system which can easily handle and store contacts, plus manage your recruitment process is a must. Rifling through reams of paper based documents could risk errors and compliance issues plus cost you money and most certainly time.

3. Automate functions

The streamlining of daily, routine tasks allows yourself or your recruiters to focus on bigger, more profitable business matters. Productivity increases when you or your agency staff have time to focus on more key aspects of the role, and find simplified ways of working.

Consider software to improve process efficiency, saving hours of timeless admin . 

4. Encourage staff autonomy 

Allowing everyone the system, insights and data they need to deliver the best service possible to clients and candidates, has got to be both a priority investment and a big time saver for your agency.

Providing strategic direction and realistic deadlines for staff will let them decide how best to fulfil the job in hand and be more productive.

Complete access and downloadable reporting options will allow you to effectively manage your business, enabling you to analyse trends and make informed decisions.

5. Outsource

It may be the time to consider outsourcing certain functions for example back office and payroll within your agency. You and your team can then focus on what you do best and leave experts to manage matters on your behalf. Reducing human error risk, plus removing added distractions, stress and time needed.

A provider specialising in the recruitment sector will have excellent knowledge of the industry and its complexities, such as issues associated with credit control and compliance.

This will ensure that all back office tasks are completed in an efficient and timely manner, reflecting the professionalism of your agency and an ultimate time saver. Meaning that you offer a good, consistent level of customer service helping to build your reputation while differentiating you from your competitors.

How we work...

Whenever we get into discussions with a prospective customer we want to - we need to - understand exactly how their business currently works and be confident we can deliver. When someone is looking to move away from an existing software system this becomes even more important.

From managing bookings and processing timesheets to training and support, we help to transform the running of your business with simple, intuitive recruitment software, streamlining your business’s workflow from start to finish.

Users remain fully compliant with current legislation. Your business workflow needs flexibility and reliability; that’s precisely what our recruitment software can offer you.

WorkFlo: Software automates many of the time-consuming processes involved in running a temporary agency. Taking away the manual processing of payroll, generating of invoices or tracking information for AWR will allow you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

To find out how we could help you and give you some precious time back, book a free demo of our recruitment software with us today.