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Article published on: 30/01/23

When you are starting a temporary recruitment agency, or expanding and looking at investing in your business, the software you use has to be one of your prime considerations.

There is such an array of temporary recruitment software available, so how can you guarantee that the system you install gives your clients added benefits?

One feature that can help a recruitment agency to build a strong client relationship is an easily accessible client portal.

A specialist customer portal for recruitment agencies can play an important role in helping customers see and resolve their issues themselves. It can save time for the agency as it allows the client to enter hours on timesheets online and it provides a timesheet audit trail for more stream-lined administration.

When customers access the client portal, they can view their worker activity around the clock. Such extensive real-time reporting and management information will result in increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in your agency workload. Administrators can add portal users and manage access permissions whenever necessary.

Your temporary recruitment software needs to be fully scalable. As your agency grows, so will the number of people who will be using the software. And this needs to happen with no disruption or hold-ups to clients’ business.

When you are approaching new clients, being able to offer them the use of an enhanced system and peace of mind over vital aspects of their contingent workforce planning such as compliance is a great weapon in your arsenal.

Having a client portal also promotes your agency as honest and fully transparent.

A good recruitment software company will offer you full initial training, but will also be available to guide you through the months after installation and with each upgrade.

Whether you are an established temporary recruitment agency, or you are just starting up, industry software can help you to manage your agency administration effectively, and allows you to give your clients peace of mind over issues such as compliance, as well as complete visibility over their temporary labour operation.


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