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Article published on: 29/04/24

Have you ever wondered what makes a good temp agency owner? Are you starting your own recruitment agency? We speak to a lot of recruitment agency owners day-to-day and hear what it takes for them to be successful.


  1. Leadership and management

When starting up a recruitment agency, you will be expected to wear many hats, especially if you have decided to go it alone or have a rather small team to start up with. Leadership and management will go hand in hand as in the early days of a small agency, you need the qualities of a leader to drive your agency in the right direction, all whilst slotting in with the day-to-day management of operations.  


  1. Marketing and sales

Building and marketing your personal brand through a strong online presence is really important and your personal approach should mirror the company values and ethos. Social media channels are valuable in many ways and efforts can be quickly rewarded. Reach potential candidates and clients while engaging and forging stronger relationships with existing contacts.

Think outside of the box as much as possible. Be confident in what you are offering and know your USP.


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  1. Communication and networking

By attending job fairs, workshops, conferences and other industry events allows you to gather and contact opportunities. Along with engaging with potential candidates, you can gain an insight as to which companies are hiring and which industries seem to have a growing number of vacancies, in terms of new client scope. Online networking events can also offer great opportunities and are often promoted via LinkedIn – you can join various recruitment lead groups on LinkedIn to get a heads up on any upcoming events and talk to like minded individuals.

Always strive to be personable and friendly, while remaining professional and efficient. Remember every communication is a reflection of you!


  1. Organised and adaptable

You need to plan and be organised wherever possible. You will be juggling the different needs of clients and candidates, and dealing with the administration this brings: bookings, time-sheets, legal requirements, invoices, contracts and much more. The right recruitment software will take the burden out of managing day-to-day operations while helping you stay compliant. It will also allow you to download management reports, enabling you to analyse trends.

You will also need to be adaptable, meaning you are able to adjust to candidate and client expectations, hiring trends, and general updates in the recruitment industry such as legislation. This requires you to be open to learning new methods, strategies, and tools to improve your agency performance.


In a competitive industry clients and candidates always have the opportunity to look elsewhere. The way you manage these relationships and the candidate/client experience is crucial to your success when starting a recruitment agency. Those impressed by your professional service are more likely to want to deal again with you and be quick to recommend your services to others.

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