Article published on: 14/02/18

When starting up a recruitment agency, what type of recruitment software should I buy?

Starting up your own recruitment agency is an exciting and daunting time for even the most knowledgeable recruiter. The thought of going it alone could fill you both with anticipation and an eagerness to get stuck in!

Finding a good software provider to look after your bookings and timesheets, manage candidates, consolidate invoices and track information for Agency Workers Regulations is essential to ensuring you are not distracted from selling and making a real go of your new business.

However recruitment software is a long-term decision. Choosing the right technology partner to ensure a successful start to your new recruitment business is essential, but it can be difficult with a limited budget. Start-ups may struggle with the large up-front costs that are associated with some software suppliers. 

Before jumping into a long term software contract, ask yourself these key questions:

1. What does my recruitment software need to do?

2. Which devices do I want to access it on?

3. What is my budget for setup costs and training?

4. Where is my data going to be stored?

5. Which members of staff need access to the software and where are they based?

WorkFlo: Recruitment Software could be the answer that you are looking for, developed with start-up agencies in mind. At Flo we know that recruitment software is key for start up agencies to save time and reduce admin costs.

At Flo we provide cloud-based software, designed and built specifically for the temporary recruitment industry. The end-to-end system creates bookings and timesheets, consolidates invoices and tracks information for Agency Workers Regulations, as well as a number of other key features perfect for start-up agencies. Using real-time information stored on a secure cloud, data can be accessed and managed anywhere by agency employees and client users via the client portal.

If you would like to learn more about how Flo can help your temporary recruitment agency,

you can contact us on 01827 438065 or