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Article published on: 31/07/22

If you are considering branching out on your own in the recruitment world or looking to grow your existing temp recruitment agency, a focus on cash flow is essential to ensure your plans don’t fall flat!

Cash flow is crucial to all businesses and their success, but by the nature of the industry and its structure, temporary recruitment agencies can be adversely impacted by long payment terms. This coupled with candidates requiring often weekly payment, a steady stream of income can be hard to maintain.

Temp recruitment agencies are heavily reliant on clients settling invoices on time and in full, but even with this client compliance, agency's day-to-day operations and growth can be significantly effected.

Various options are out there for temp recruiters, it is just a matter of researching and securing the best and most suitable solution to secure better cash flow. Short-term business loans, credit cards or overdrafts are all options but these can carry more risks and substantial additional charges.

Invoice financing companies for recruitment agencies can advance funds quickly and more cost effectively, raising finance against outstanding client invoices. Money can be received then well before a client actually settles their invoices, often as swiftly as 24 hours.

Take on new business

Invoice funding can allow agencies to grow and take on new business with the confidence they can do so comfortably and without the burden of extra debt. Having the ability to quickly adapt to upcoming opportunities heavily relies on ready accessible capital.

Appeal to bigger clients

To enable you to go after the larger and more profitable contracts, you may well need additional staff to make it possible. Invoice finance can open-up access to funds you wouldn’t usually have and often offer more beneficial terms.

As your client portfolio and staff numbers increase, so does the ability to access additional funds, allowing you to expand as you wish.

Relieve your admin stress

There is considerable work involved for smaller companies to chase payments, which can be a large drain on resources. An invoice funding company can take over this area for you, taking on many of your admin duties, freeing up your time to concentrate on other areas.

Teams can support you collecting monies due and allocating remittances and payment to your sales ledger. In addition, management information can be provided regularly, so you are always fully in the picture.

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