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Article published on: 18/01/18

If you’re starting up or already running a temporary recruitment agency, you’ll know that temporary recruitment agencies operate under strict legislation, where non-compliant activity can result in large fines. But how can you make sure to be compliant at all times?

As a temporary recruiter, it is your responsibility to make sure that all agency workers have valid right to work documents along with any compliance items required for the type of work they are hired to do. You are also responsible for checking that all agency workers are treated fairly under the Agency Workers Regulations.

By staying on top of recruitment compliance, you can ensure that your agency workers are always treated fairly and that your agency is protected from potential financial burdens and negative press. Not only will you have to check that an individual can produce the right documentation to prove they are suitable for a certain role, but you will also have to store proof of this documentation in your files.

Required compliance items may include a driving licence, which is essential for those who are looking for placements in driving roles. You should pay attention to the class of vehicle that the licence permits the holder to drive when recruiting for driving roles. A worker might also need to have completed a DBS check. This mostly regards agency workers who could be placed in roles working with children or vulnerable adults. Another compliance document is proof of CPR training, which can be required by workers who are looking to be placed within the care sector, such as domiciliary carers, nurses and care workers.

Recruitment software can be used to store information about the qualifications, skills and documentation held by each agency worker, including expiry dates, the date on which proof was checked and when any further checks should be made.

When a new role becomes available, software can also be used to select only those agency workers who hold the correct documentation, including both right to work and compliance items required for the job. This can save you time and ensure that you remain compliant when placing individuals into relevant positions. It is also possible to receive a warning whenever a worker’s documentation is about to expire, so that appropriate action can be taken.

This is particularly important because the penalties involved for non-compliance within the temporary recruitment industry can be severe, and because frequent changes to regulations mean that your agency must remain up to date of any changes that might affect them or their workers in order to stay compliant.

Temporary recruitment software can assist you by organising compliance items and reminding you when tasks need to be carried out. 

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