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Article published on: 23/10/22

Social media is an indispensable tool in the recruitment world. Not only does social media offer agencies new opportunities to build relationships with candidates and clients but it also builds your brand’s reputation.

LinkedIn has always been said to be the most effective social media platform for recruitment agencies sourcing candidates and clients, it is used as a professional networking site and has over 20 million members in the UK alone.  

Below are some content ideas you and your agency could adopt to help you make your mark on the platform:

  • Share job opportunities – this may seem like an obvious one for a recruitment agency, but it doesn’t mean your job posting has to look like everyone else’s.  

You can create your own template for free on Canva to match your agency branding, as well as using images, animation, and various icons available – you could just use the various pre-set templates they have and adjust them to your branding to save time, these templates are broken down by platform on Canva so you will instantly know the optimal post sizes for each site. 

You could alternatively create a short video/piece to camera introducing the role or business, with minimal editing skills for a short snippet, this is a quick way to gain engagement as viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 

  • Introduce the humans behind your agency – meet the team!  

Team based posts humanise your brand for not only future prospects but your customers too, it helps them connect with your brand and also put some faces to the names that they may often speak with at your recruitment agency.  

Your posts can be as descriptive or as minimal as you and your team like, incorporate national days or industry topics, or just be a few photos or cartoon icons of your team. You could write a couple of sentences introducing each team member across a few days, or perhaps in one line highlight over a few posts, those amongst the team who makes the best cup of tea, their favourite advice, or ask them what they got up to over the weekend. 

Similarly, to the above, you could also incorporate video into these posts, perhaps doing a tour of the office and surroundings or videoing the office dog if you have one! 

  • Promote networking events you will be attending as well as staff events - again, this may seem like an obvious one, however, big or small you should promote the events you go to.  

Bigger events like the REC Expo will push attendees and exhibitors to use their hashtag and may give you access to some promotional social media content to promote your attendance, however smaller events such as local job fairs may need you to do the shouting. You can ‘countdown’ to the event in your posts, talking about where you will be at the event (if you are exhibiting), what you are looking forward to, who you are hoping to meet etc. Tagging the event organiser and asking open questions to others going in your posts is a great way to encourage engagement on your post. 

Not only for recruitment events, but you should also look to promote anything your agency takes part in organising, such as any charity events, i.e. a fun run or charity coffee morning, as well as recapping on any team events that have happened, such as a team meal or team building activities – photograph everything, you can always use it as content. 

  • Tell the company story – who are you? 

Every business, established or start up, has a story to tell. Brand storytelling helps your agency connect with audiences by capturing an engaging their attention, not only to for future prospects, but also helping your customers understand more about you.  

A good starting point would be who, what, why, when, and how. Who is behind your agency journey, what is it your agency specialises in, why did you decide to start up your agency, when did you start up/decide to start up, and how, how did you make it happen or how would you advise someone thinking about doing the same. Talk about what you did along the way, what you wish you’d knew, what you learnt, and perhaps what you would do differently.  

As well as telling your story in the beginning, you could also discus your current story, share some testimonials to show how you have grown with your customers, your company values, what makes you different and most importantly how you can help.  

  • Share industry news – what are your thoughts? 

It’s no secret that LinkedIn’s algorithm prefers original content over repurposed content, however sharing interesting things happening in your industry is an easy way to create engaging content and  adding your thoughts and feelings to the post is one way to make it more original. 

Keep an eye on what is going on in your industry, whether its changes in laws, updates in your sector, or posts from leaders in your industry that you find interesting. Sharing these posts with a line or two in addition, perhaps agreeing/disagreeing with what’s said, how you’ll adapt to changes, or just generally what you think of what’s happening can open the floor up to engagement from your audience.  

At a glance, the LinkedIn news section (at the top right of your page) quickly shows you the latest popular posts happening on the platform, often these will be more general business-related posts however now and again you may come across some that resonate with you. By joining recruitment-based groups, following relevant hashtags and leading companies on LinkedIn, overtime you can tailor your feed to news relevant to you – making it easier to find things to share on the platform.