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Article published on: 20/02/23

Here are our tips and tricks to take your temp recruitment agency to the next level. Improve your agency performance and gain more quality clients and candidates – win win!


Existing relationships

Determine who your best clients are and then focus the most effort onto them, at least in the short term. Are you offering the very best service you can? Are there other areas of their business you could help with? The more ‘sticky’ a client becomes – uses more of your services or an increased frequency of your services – the more difficult it is and the less likely they are, to move away from your agency as first choice. It would also mean an increased probability of you receiving referrals from them to other clients and building a reputable reputation.


Differentiate from competitors

What could you offer to make your agency stand out? Could you expand into other recruitment sectors or business areas easily, to compliment your existing areas. If you offer perm placements currently, could you manage a temp desk too for example.

Candidates on your books could also have adaptable skills or be willing to consider new opportunities, but also do your research as to where you may be able to find new candidates. Building a quality talent pool is a great way to maintain a good relationship and regular communication with candidates, which is often a big candidate bugbear!

Keeping clients up-to-date on what is happening in your agency, highlighting your news and successes keeps you in the forefront of mind. A company newsletter works well for this.


People are key

Do you have the right people in place to take things to the next stage?

By training staff across the board, you ensure consistency in knowledge and set a level of expectation from all staff members, increasing productivity and demonstrating standardised working practices across the agency.

The right systems in place can create a solid foundation, with automation allowing for much smoother agency processes.

Recruitment industry software can offer many benefits. Any investment in staff development is rarely a false economy, so equipping your staff to work more effectively by providing software training, should deliver faster returns. You can improve staff retention and allow confident and knowledgeable staff to deliver a better business performance.


Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing some of your work processes to a 3rd party provider can reduce your administration, giving you and your staff more time to focus on the core of your business and expanding it. It doesn’t mean you hand over control of your agency, but improve the running of it.

You can ensure that all back office tasks are completed in an efficient and timely manner, reflecting your agency’s professionalism, while also ensuring complex tasks are handled by experts, for example payroll, credit control and compliance. This provides you with the reassurance  that your administrative tasks are handled securely with advanced technology and software.

This also future proofs your business growth, knowing you have a strong system in place to cope with new demands, even if they arrive quickly.


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