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Icon Setting up your own sgency checklist

Setting up your own agency

Download our checklist find out the first steps you should take 


Understanding the basics of recruitment

Our eBook covers understanding your sector, terms and legalities, software, payroll, and much more

Recruitment Funding Glossary

Glossary of funding terms

Download our handy glossary to help you decipher key funding definitions


Overcome the 8 hurdles recruiters face

8 hurdles preventing recruiters taking the leap … To setting up their own agency

Icon - Attracting and retaining talent

Attracting and retaining talent

Want to know how to attract and retain talent in your recruitment agency?


How much time do you waste during the working day?

How much time do you or your team waste during the working day and what could be done to regain control and increase productivity?

6 Ways to grow your agency

Are you wanting to grow your agency?

Download our infographic to find out our recommendation for growing your recruitment agency


Thinking about changing finance provider?

For more info on knowing when the time is right to switch, download our ebook

Icon Back office support services

Back Office support services

Businesses are increasingly outsourcing general administration, but the temporary recruitment industry is leading the way


5 Signs you need recruitment software

The right software can help you stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive industry

Icon Start up checklist

Start-up to-do list

This useful list highlights 8 key things every new temporary recruitment agency needs to know…


Benefits of using software

Whether you are a start-up or an established recruitment agency, software that automates and streamlines your key administrative tasks will save you time and money

Icon Going it alone in recruitment

Going it alone in recruitment

If you have been considering taking the leap to starting your own agency, there are companies that can take the lead and fully support you


5 ways to boost your cash flow

As your business grows,to retain your bank of dedicated candidates, you must ensure wages are paid on time and any issues are promptly dealt with

Icon What are the hidden costs

What are the hidden costs…

If you’re a temp agency, you will need some sort of funding support – unless you have very, very deep pockets, or clients that immediately pay invoices


Setting business goals as a start up agency

Whether you are a Start-up or established agency, setting well defined goals can guide you in your decision making, so you spend less time on projects that won’t help move your business forward and more time on ones that will

Impressing and Keeping clients

Impressing and keeping clients eBook

In a busy, competitive industry, you need to work hard to secure new business while offering the best possible customer service to existing clients. To learn more, get our eBook 


Invoice finance: Is it the right choice for your recruitment agency?

Invoice financing is an option for businesses to sell their outstanding invoices to a third-party, in exchange for a prompt cash advance, download our infographic to learn more

Icon 6 factors to consider CRM

6 Factors to consider when looking for a recruitment CRM

CRM’s are a crucial business tool in helping you manage your agency, so its important to pick the right one for you. Download our infographic to learn more.


All you need to know about: Setting up a recruitment website

Your recruitment website serves as your virtual identity, showcasing your brand, values, and unique offerings to visitors, helping you stand out from the competition. That’s why we have created our infographic, all you need to know about setting up a recruitment website, to guide you on your way.