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Article published on: 28/04/20

In such unusual and uncertain times, it is hard to focus on the future and what it may look like, plus it's natural to feel worried or despondent. Trying to remain positive can be hard, but it is important to try, and to channel your feelings into a more proactive approach.

If you have found things have quietened down in your own recruitment business or within the agency you work for, a failure to act now could be more damaging in the longer term and it is a great idea to use the time now to benefit you and focus your energy. But what can you do to generate the most value at the moment and what is the most productive use of your time at the moment - for both your agency or career long term?


Now is a great time to get on top of your day to day admin - personal and business based. It can be overwhelming to attempt to work efficiently without doing this.

Cleanse your inboxs, file emails accordingly and unsubscribe to unwanted email subscriptions.

Getting organised will free up time further down the line and allow you to focus better, hit the ground running and respond quickly to matters as and when you need to. 


This is a great time to explore new areas or brush up on existing skills. 

Industry Podcasts offer interesting topics, areas for debate or fresh ideas. These are proven to be a great way to alter thought patterns, behaviour and continue to grow in popularity.

There is a wide variety of online courses to choose from and webinars to sign up for, many being free of charge. Ranging in style and type, many are bitesized and can be viewed to suit yourself.

Social media

Now is an ideal time to update your LinkedIn profile, ensuring all details are relevant, plus increase your presence on the site generally.

Engaging with appropriate industry content and actively looking for networking opportunities or industry groups to join, keeps you up to date on the latest industry happenings. 

Your social media voice could be developed to reflect your brand’s positioning and convey how unique your agency is. Whether it’s through quirky customer interactions or highlighting your company’s USPs, social media can be a very effective tool for making your brand continually memorable.


Take some time to review your existing website, highlighting areas in need of an update or refresh in style or design.

Through Google Analytics, Google Search Console or a suitable free software package, you can establish how people generally use your site and any improvements needed. Google offer some good webinars to help in this area, if it is new to you.

If you are looking for an opportunity to write about something in more depth, you might consider setting up a company blog. A blog can be a way of promoting your agency’s wider knowledge of the industry and can help improve Google Search Ranking at the same time.


With the increase in data legislation in recent years, now is a great time to ensure you are your recruitment agency website and software systems are compliant and structured with your database or CRM.

A tidy and organised database, will ensure when the time is right you can hit the ground running in terms of placing your best candidates and also keeping in touch with your best clients.

Flo can help in building and enhancing client and candidate relationships through the CRM functions in our total recruitment software solution

Flo allows simplification and automation of numerous time consuming business processes  - including processing bookings, timesheets and payroll, whilst ensuring compliance with AWR and right to work regulations.

Consolidated invoicing and management information enable a better all round client service.