Article published on: 7/11/22

Invoice financing provides your temp agency with a cash advance by releasing funds from unpaid invoices, as soon as they are raised. This can be crucial for any business that wants to reduce time spent on chasing late payments, obtain money from their invoices more quickly and ultimately improve their cash flow. It also gives an agency time back - to enable them to focus on  essential business growth and tasks.

So why is a tailored service important when selecting the right funding company?

Increased accuracy

Using an invoice finance company that is committed to providing a personal service, can make certain you are kept up-to-date with your funds regularly and your facility is managed effectively.

A nominated account manager at the end of a phone or email ensures you have the latest information exactly when you need it. You can also be fully up to speed if you have specific queries or questions. You should have assurance then that this side of things is being managed totally on your behalf.

Saves stress

Service inconsistency and a poorly managed credit control can bring with it a large headache!

Different staff members picking up issues and poor communication generally, can delay processes and create additional issues. This can be avoided where a recruitment funding provider offers a dedicated client manager or a small dedicated team responsible for your account and keeping you fully in the picture.

Healthy cash flow can be the difference between a business remaining viable and worry around this area, can be all-consuming.

Process clarity

Recruitment funding doesn't need to be complex, confirmation of the undertaking and a full understanding of who is looking after you and your funds is invaluable.

Funders are trusted to work on behalf of their clients, and a high level of service should be a given in return.  An invoice finance company that becomes an extension of your agency allows you to free up time to concentrate on growing your business, without the admin and stress of managing your own funding.

So, what makes us good at keeping recruitment funding things straightforward and personal?

At Flo you talk directly to the decision makers, they’re the people who make things happen.

We understand the pressures and when funding is essential i.e. on the right day for HMRC, suppliers or wages. We ensure the working lives of our clients are more streamlined and efficient.

Our solution is reliable, practical and personalised to meet the individual needs of our clients. 

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