Article published on: 9/10/18

The right recruitment software can help you stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive industry. Don’t let the level of administration that comes with running a successful temporary recruitment agency hinder your growth. Intuitive and efficient recruitment software exists to help your new business flourish by streamlining and simplifying your workflow. A package that automates key processes will save you time and money while reducing risk and future-proofing your business operations as your recruitment agency start-up grows. 

What to look for from your software?

Not all software is created equal. Think about what you want your software to do for you and your business. The best software for a temporary recruitment agency is tailor-made for the industry and designed to manage the entire recruitment process on one system. What you choose should be both easy to use and provide the longevity to meet the demands of a new and growing business from start-up and beyond.

Look for user-friendly and intuitive software that offers the most comprehensive range of automated processes and key features, such as:

  • Candidate Bookings

  • Electronic Time-Sheets

  • Payroll Export

  • Automated Invoicing

  • AWR Tracking and Reporting

  • Eligibility checks

  • Client Portal Facility 

Access and Users

The most flexible recruitment agency software is cloud-based, enabling you to store all your data in one place, accessible anywhere at any time from a range of internet-enabled devices. Check that your software can be accessed by multiple users.

Recruitment Software and Keeping Your Business Compliant

With the growing demands of legislation, the best software will help keep you up-to-date with Agency Workers Regulations and employment law with AWR tracking and reporting. As a temporary recruitment agency, it is imperative you maintain Right to Work compliance. Right to Work checks are mandatory for all organisations and your software can help keep your business Right to Work compliant by storing and tracking documentation for your candidates. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which came into force in the UK from May 2018, changes the way businesses manage their client’s personal data. As a recruitment agency, you will be responsible for managing large amounts of personal data and must understand how GDPR impacts the consent, storage, processing and sharing of that data. Failure to do so could result in fines or prosecution. 

Your Software and Cyber Security

The right recruitment software will give you the tools and support to run your business more safely and securely. As a temporary recruitment agency you will hold vast amounts of candidate data. You will be responsible for securing this data with the security policy you put in place for employees. The software you choose can also help. A reputable software provider, with a secure cloud-based system, can help you face cyber security demands by making regular updates and software patches as well as offering valuable advice and support.

Pricing and Support

Free recruitment software can often seem like the best choice for start-ups but think about whether your software options offer the features and vital expertise to support your growing business long-term. It may be helpful to ask the following questions:

  • Does your software provider offer expert support and advice? Can you easily get help when needed?

  • Does your provider offer setup options during the implementation phase?

  • Does your provider offer training sessions to support you and your staff?

  • Can you demo the recruitment software first?

  • Does your software provider have knowledge of the sector across the board, supporting temporary recruitment agencies from budding start-ups to established clients?

  • Is your software provider committed to software development?

  • Does your recruitment software future-proof your growing business needs?

Changing your recruitment software down the line can be costly and time-consuming. Choose a package that provides long-term software support and the reassurance that your individual business needs will be met.

Choosing an intuitive and efficient software package will save you time and money by automating key administrative tasks and helping manage your data while giving you the reassurance that you are compliant and up to date with current legislation.

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