We are all about having the right system, software and the right people to make payroll work for you. 

  • We specialise in providing a professional accountancy and payroll service to the temporary recruitment industry
  • We have the recruitment software from one of the biggest agency management businesses in the UK
  • We have built in our payroll experience and expertise
  • We have added in the right team of people to make it work for you
How can we help you as a contractor - payroll illustration

Why has my agency introduced me to you?

Many employment agencies have chosen to outsource their payroll service, it means they have to spend less time managing and processing payments, staying up to-date with legislation, reporting to HMRC etc.

In turn that allows them to spend more time on what they do well – finding you your next assignment!

If you’ve been referred to us by an agency, then we will be acting as an intermediary between you and the agency.

How does it work?

You become our employee, or contractor. We then contract out your services to your agency.

When we’re first introduced, one of our team takes you through a ‘best advice’ process. This will check the type of assignments you will be taking, the rates you will be paid and advising you on the right payroll solution for you.

With you on board we then take the hours and rate data from the agency – remember this comes from our bespoke software that we provide to the agency so we always get it on time and it’s accurate – to process a weekly payment, that you receive on a Friday. It’s simple!

The benefits of working through Flo - payroll illustration

The benefits of working through Flo:

  • Full employment rights – holiday pay, statutory sick pay, paternity/ maternity pay, access to a company pension
  • Fast and simple set up – it takes just minutes
  • No setup or exit fees
  • An easy to understand, itemised payslip
  • Real people available at the end of the phone, to help you with whatever questions you have

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