What we do for your recruitment agency

We offer tailored payroll services to keep you compliant and your workforce happy.

All of our recruitment payroll solutions are fully compliant with HMRC legislation, whilst also being extremely cost-effective for you.


Our standard payroll services include:

  • Payroll Bureau
  • Umbrella Payroll
  • CIS/Self Employed
  • Limited Company Contractors
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions, including
    1. PAYE Plus
    2. Flo Advantage

Our priorities, our pride

We register your workers promptly and professionally, so they and you know at all times where they are in the process. We are always available to answer questions and resolve queries quickly, and we always stand behind our payment guarantees.

The real benefit lies in our recruitment payroll services seamlessly combining with the timesheet, time and rate functionality in our Flo Software System. Our temporary recruitment software removes the possibility of human error – it’s always right!


What are the benefits of our Contingent Workforce Solutions?

  • All employment-related risks and liabilities are outsourced to us
  • Employment liability is separated from operational structure and business assets
  • Time and money is saved in keeping up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing legislation
  • Reassurance against risk

At a really practical level, you get…

  • Back up Right to Work and compliance checks
  • Holiday pay accruals being tracked and managed
  • A compliant AWR solution
  • Access to a compliant pension scheme
  • Intermediaries reporting

This is designed to…

  • Give you the time back to focus on growing your business
  • Increase your worker retention rates
  • Increase your margins

Our Payroll Services...

PAYE Bureau

A payroll processing service, using the Flo Software System to manage payroll, make payments to workers and file HMRC returns on behalf of the agency.

The agency remains the employer, all returns use the agency’s HMRC Employer Reference.

All for a simple, low processing cost to the agency.


Workers are employed by Flo Outsourcing as an outsourced service provider.

The payroll processing cost covers both cost to process and all employment liability costs.

Flo Advantage

Primarily for low paid workers.

Workers are employed by Flo Outsourcing as an outsourced service provider.

Financial benefit to both the agency and key workers.

Effective attraction & retention tool for temporary workers.

Private Umbrella

Worker engaged on an over-arching contract, allowing them to have a single employer for a series of different assignments.

A simple solution for agencies. You set a Contract Rate for an assignment, for both the worker and the payroll umbrella service.

Rates includes pay, holiday pay, Employers NI, Pension and umbrella margin.

CIS/Self Employed

Paying Self Employed or workers engaged under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

We take away the need to:

  1. Manage contracts for service
  2. Monitor HMRC status
  3. Check & monitor the worker’s CIS status with HMRC, with the worker paying a processing margin

Limited Company

Processing of payments to Limited Company contractors on behalf of the agency.

We take away the need to:

  1. Manage contracts for service
  2. Validate and monitor Ltd Co, VAT and HMRC status, with the worker paying a processing margin